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Life is invaluable. It is fundamental to all that thrive in this realm since the beginning of time. Without life, humanity, along with its revered civilization, will cease to subsist. However, no matter how precious human life is, no one lives forever. Despite the greatest innovations and accomplishments humanity has engendered over time, immortality remains elusive. Death comes inevitably. If change is the only constant in this world, death, on the other hand, is the only certain in life. At some point in time, people die. This is a reality that most of us shy away from talking about. No one dreams of dying, and certainly, no one wishes for his loved one to die.

Perhaps, one of the most difficult and extremely grievous challenges someone has to experience and endure in his lifetime is the loss of a loved one, a family member, or a close friend. This unanticipated circumstance makes the ones left behind emotionally fragile, but there is no time to mourn yet. You may need to hold off those emotions rushing through your veins and leave them out of sight because there are more pressing matters to attend to than wallow in grief. Instead, expect to get swamped with heaps of deliverables and processes to undertake – from securing the death certificate to the collection of the body to preparing for the wake, viewing and funeral to the actual execution of interment or cremation. The level of stress and pressure may really be too much to handle in this time of anguish.

FuneralWe, at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory, are steadfast in providing you with all the services that you and your family need to make sure your departed loved one gets quality care without compromising your own comfort. We will do all the leg works for you so that you can have time to mourn over your loss. We understand the need to grieve upon the passing of a loved one as a cardinal element to accept it and move on. Thus, we will not deny you that moment. Our professional and dedicated staff shall be honored to be of service to you. You can view them over the net at

It is our passion to help make the final moments of the deceased here in this world special, as well as be the support system of the grieving family and friends who are left behind. We respect your wishes about arranging the funeral service, regardless of religion or culture. We do as you wish. We will make it happen the way you see it fit.

For over 60 years, gentrygriffey/services Funeral Chapel and Crematory has established a reputation for funeral and crematory services in all of the Knoxville, TN, and other communities within the vicinity. You will learn more of our services by visiting our website, If you cannot personally visit us right away at our physical address because of your busy schedules, do not worry, we are a just one click away over the internet. Gentry Griffey is at par with other institutions that have embraced the tides of modern civilization. With the influx of advanced technologies, Gentry Griffey makes sure that its presence is also felt over the World Wide Web so that our communities will have various platforms at their disposal on how to get in touch with us or how to get to know our services.

At, we are opening our doors right at the comforts of your own abode. While we have everything there is know about Gentry Griffey posted on our website, we also have our dedicated staff ready to attend to your needs online, should you have queries or clarifications.

The website is user-friendly. You do not have to be a pro or internet savvy to navigate the site and learn what you need to know about us. Whether you need assistance in preparing for a funeral service or are someone who is just looking for options for future consumption, visit

With Gentry Griffey, you do not have to face the challenges brought about by the passing of a loved one alone. We will be with you every step of the way. We are your valuable resources in times of sorrow.

How Affiliate Recruitment Works


Have you ever heard of the saying that no man is an island? Well, it is such a cliché, but it’s actually true–especially when it comes to the world of online marketing.

The internet is a vast world–one that you would have a hard time traversing alone. Suppose you want to sell some products and services, you have to make sure that you have people who could help you out–and that’s exactly how Affiliate Marketing works! The system is actually not that hard to understand, even though it works in different ways.

With the help of the right SEO Consultancy firm, you’ll understand how Affiliate Recruitment works and why it matters–and it all starts now!

Affiliates will visit your website

The simplest form of Affiliate Marketing works in such a way that after you have installed your Affiliate Platform (WordPress is a great tool for this), prospective affiliates could just fill up a form or click a button that would then allow them to be affiliates–which means they’d help in selling your products and services everywhere else online!

Affiliate Codes

seoNow, your affiliates would also get codes, banners, or links that they could add to their website for them to be known as your affiliates. This way, when other people visit their websites and choose to click those links, they will be directed to your website, and of course, you’ll gain more traffic–and possible revenue in the future, too!

Customers Buy the Products

If the potential customers like what they see on your affiliate’s website, chances are, they would click on the link and buy the product or service. Once that happens, they’ll be redirected to your website–and hopefully, it is a good eCommerce website, so shopping would be a breeze.

The Affiliate Is Rewarded

Finally, the platform rewards the affiliate–whether with money, tokens, or other incentives. This way, he wouldn’t feel like he just helped you out for nothing. Take note that rewarding the affiliate is always important because he won’t be getting the proceeds from the conversion–so you have to make sure that he gets paid one way or the other.

Make it work for you

SEO ConsultancyNow that you know the cycle, it’s also time for you to understand how to make Affiliate Recruitment work for your benefit.

Basically, here’s what you need to keep in mind :

1. Offer them what they need

Don’t put up useless stuff on your website. You know, you can’t just expect people to buy products or avail of services that do not really matter to them. For this, it would be good if you could have a target demographic in mind–and then research about what they need, and how you could sustain the said need.

2. Gain more followers

Maybe there already are a number of people who support you and that’s good–but you do not have to stop there. In the world of online marketing, you have to make sure that you and your affiliates work together to provide them with adequate information about what you’re trying to offer–and not just place ads without doing anything about them.

3. Give great incentives

As mentioned, incentives are important.In order for you to gain affiliates, you have to make sure that you give them good offers, too. It’s not just about offering products–it’s about telling your would-be affiliates what they could get from all these. Keep it short and simple, but make sure to make it meaningful.

Affiliate Recruitment would be able to make your business go places. For now, it is up to you to create the best offers for your affiliates–and our SEO consultancy firm would help you out with that!

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Storage Container Health Concerns


People nowadays are paranoid when it comes their health. Everything from GMO products, cancer agents, conventionally-produced-and-pesticide-bathe crops, electromagnetic radiation, UV radiation to soy products and pastries are bad. Hell, eating anything today or just enjoying the outdoors is bad!

What you have to remember is that every day we are exposed to thousands of substances that are bad for our health and to try to avoid those substances is futile. The body is actually fairly equipped to take on these substances (we did not become one of the most successful species to evolve on earth for nothing). If you really want to stay healthy, then make your body and your immune system stronger by exercising and eating healthily so your body is at its prime to take on the “bad world” that we live in.

This puts us at the issue of using storage containers for a variety of purposes and the health concerns associated to their use. If you want to know more then visit The following are some health concerns raised by some people in response to the widespread container building revolution:


containerThis process requires bombarding the wooden flooring and wooden crates inside storage containers with potent chemicals that act as pesticides and fungicides to ensure that only the cargo are unloaded into the destination without the risk of spreading pests and diseases. Health concerns regarding these substances are becoming a major issue especially for those who are planning to call a storage container home. Now let us get two facts straight:

•Not all containers are treated with chemicals

Only around 15% of containers contain dangerous levels of chemicals for humans and of that, only 0.5% presents immediate risks to personnel who will directly handle cargo. It is worthy to note that for people to develop diseases, chronic and frequent exposure to the chemicals must happen first. Now, numbers and percentages do not matter if you are unfortunate enough to buy or rent a storage container from that 15%. What will you do now?

•Containers with dangerous chemicals can be treated to remove dangerous chemicals

Treatments to decontaminate storage containers exist, though these will cost some money. However, the overall cost of building, for example, a house or office using a container will still be cheaper than building a conventional house. Some use epoxy coating to cover decontaminated surfaces for extra “security” against toxic fumes.

Harmful chemicals from cargo

Benzene and Toluene from adhesives used in the cargo and other chemical emissions from freshly-produced factory goods can build up inside storage containers. The health risks associated from these chemicals are less than fumigants but nevertheless, still significant. This is remedied by simply facilitating ventilation to remove or reduce the chemical hazards.

Paints used to protect the container

To make storage containers resistant enough to survive sea transport, it is best to use paints that are lead-based or have chromate and phosphorus. To eliminate the health hazards these paints produce, removal is recommended. Some removal methods range from sanding (hand or powered), wire brushing to heat stripping. It is important to wear the necessary gear and observe the safety precautions when removing the paint. Some people even measure the lead levels before they paint it again with the desired hazard-free paint.

Electro-magnetic fields (EMF)

The theory behind this is that because you are enclosed in a metal box, EMFs will be propagated more and thus may cause harm for you. The truth is, we are exposed everyday to low-levels of electro-magnetic fields (any electronic device generates low-level EMFs) so this is not new. Although exposure to high-levels of electromagnetic field can have adverse effects, there is currently no evidence to suggest that low-level EMFs can affect health.

Significance of Custom Coins in Modern Times


The importance of custom coins has undeniably expanded. Today, different sectors of the society use these special coins to advertise and promote brand names, organizations, and advocacies. They are used to market products, services, concepts, and innovations in different industries. Indeed, the simple function of custom coins evolved, creating much more reasons to hand them out.

1. They are used as tokens of appreciation for exemplary performance

These coins represent hard work and dedication. Receiving these coins is proof of the management’s appreciation for great contributions made for the company. Although they cannot be used to purchase things, these coins are priceless because they represent gratitude from employers.

2. They are great motivators

custom coinsWhoever receives these special challenge coins know that they have done their best and deserve the honor for a job well done. Those who receive them before getting actual results know that they are being challenged to go beyond their usual efforts to complete the task and bring back the prize. Whatever the motives are, these metal tokens are symbols of hope, pride, and honor to be part of the group, team, organization, or association.

3. They honor the recipients

These coins are not handed out to ordinary people but to those who do extraordinary efforts to create change and contribute to the development or success of their teams. People who receive them are considered among the best if not the very best. They are deemed adept in handling any situation and are the most valuable members of a given group or organization.

4. They instill great pride

Custom coins are symbols of honor and pride. They are customized to suit objectives of organizations. The symbolic images and messages that are inscribed on these metallic materials are special. They express the organizations’ goals, ideals, and purpose. Recipients are expected to adhere to the organizations’ commitment to excellence.

5. They represent goodwill

These metal coins hold special connection among members of the organization. They are reminders of being part of the group. Custom coins become concrete symbols of camaraderie and cooperation towards achieving common goals. They symbolically connect everyone in the group.

6. They are symbols of affiliation

They could be seen as somewhat similar to ID cards. In fact, they complement the traditional identification cards and badges when proving one’s membership is crucial. They are lightweight so they can be made into pins or neck medallions. These kinds of coins are also visually striking so displaying them is not an ordeal.

7. They are great promotional tools

Different businesses use them to market the products and services they offer. They are attractive shout outs used to promote events such as business openings and membership registration campaigns. Handing out special coins is becoming popular because they instantly grab the attention of potential customers and consumers. Coins bearing the business logo and motto are great for creating immediate awareness. The design and significance of special coins for promotional campaigns boost the image of the business. They show a sense of professionalism and the capability to extend quality service.

8. They are used as giveaways or gifts

Custom coins are simple but meaningful gifts or souvenirs for both professional and personal gatherings. They can be personalized to capture the essence of the event. People love to collect items that remind them of important occasions. Companies use them to commemorate milestones of their business operations. Families use them to symbolize the importance of celebrations and to look forward to more moments of togetherness.

These simple round pieces of metal have become synonymous with pride, hope, victory, togetherness, honor, and awareness. They have become a part of the traditions upheld by different groups in society.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is your perfect solution! We can provide any style of custom coins you want, at unbeatable prices. Our custom coins are an ideal way to recognize the commitment and dedication.

Functionality and Uses of Badge Holders


Badge holders are commonly made of vinyl and are generally used in protecting badges. They have slots or holes for different attachments. They are also flexible. You can see them everywhere and they have several functions, such as those enumerated below.

1. Securing Identification Cards

The best feature of card holders, especially for students and employees, is their ability to protect and display identification cards properly. Whether you use a vinyl card holder or a hard plastic one, security personnel can easily check if you are wearing your own ID.

The badge holders also prevent your cards from getting torn or damaged. The cards will be kept dust-free and dry, thanks to these holders.

With economical card holders, you can ensure that your identification card will be good as new for years.

2. Protecting Personal Information

Card holders have special features; they have a thin layer of metal that protects your RFID technology cards. With this feature, an unauthorized person will not be able to scan your card to get your personal information.

A hard plastic card holder can also protect the electronic components of your cards. You can avoid identity theft with these kinds of card holders.

3. Holding Events Ticket

Card holders also have zipper closure. This feature makes the card more protected. Even if you drench yourself in the rain, you will be sure that your card is safe and dry. This type of holders is best for events ticket.

This is also the solution for people who easily misplace important things. Prevent that scenario from happening to you with zipper closure card holders.

Actually, some event planners are already utilizing card holders for the same purpose. When they disseminate the tickets, food stabs, and coupons (if any), they place everything in a single card holder for each participant.

4. Badge holders as Freebies

This is also applicable for events, specifically for marketing campaigns. The organizers print out cards which have the logo and name of the brand or product that they are promoting. They insert these cards to economical holders and give them as freebies to those who joined their event.

Badge holdersCommonly, they attached the cards to a Polyester lanyard. Businesspeople are wise when it comes to their finances so do not expect them to spend a lot for freebies. The good thing is that polyester lanyards and economical holders are still durable despite being so cheap.

5. Fashion Accessories

Here’s something you should know – badge holders no longer come in just plain clear vinyl or plastic. They can now be of different colors. You can choose a colored vinyl or a colored hard plastic card holder. For the former, there will be a shade of black, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, or pink on the upper surface where slots are located.

If you want a full colored card holder, choose the latter option. You will have a wide variety of color choices then.

6. Keeper of Personal Belongings

Upgrade the function of your card holder by not just securing your card in it. You can actually place your medicines, keys, money, hair clips, hair bands, accessories, and your other personal belongings in your vinyl, flap closure, or economy card holder.

If you are a student or an office staff, you can also secure your memory cards and flash drives in your identification card holder. If you need a holder that can hold more than one thing, choose a proximity card holder.

These badge holders can be your new best buddies if you know how to use them efficiently. After all, they are affordable and easy to use.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Golf Balls Online or Offline


Golf balls are important to any golfer. The ball is the object that golfers need to get into the hole, after all. It’s difficult to adequately describe the significance of the ball’s role in a golfer’s performance.

People always look for different ways to help develop their skills and improve their game. Buying the right set of balls will help a lot in making that goal a reality. There are plenty of balls to choose from but those who’ve played a couple of games will already have an idea of what they want.

What leaves other people perplexed is knowing where to buy their next set of balls. People basically have two options, the internet or an old brick and mortar store. Either option works with each one having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which option to go with is simply a matter of preference as no option is objectively better than the other.

Buying golf balls from a brick and mortar store

Brick and mortar stores are still a common destination for many a professional golfer. These people still know the value of walking into a store, looking at what they want, scrutinizing it, and paying for it over the counter. These stores might be falling out of fashion due to the world’s increased reliance on the internet, but they’re still a good place to try things out.

Golf ballsOne of the main benefits of shopping from a brick and mortar store is that a person can inspect what they plan on buying. A person can walk into a store and ask if they’ll unbox some of the balls for inspection. Looking at the product and getting a feel for it can help inspire confidence in a person that the ball they’re looking at is the right one.

Another plus to shopping at a brick and mortar store is the help a person can expect from the store’s staff. These employees were hired because they, most likely, have a passion for the sport. They’re often enthusiastic and more than willing to help people find the right balls. They can also answer a lot of questions that people might have.

Buying a golf ball from a brick and mortar store also keeps you from having to wait. When a person buys something from a brick and mortar store they typically get what they pay for the moment they pay for it.

The downside is that brick and mortar stores have a tendency to be more expensive. Furthermore, stock and options might be limited especially when compared to the stores on the internet.

Getting golf balls from an online merchant

The internet is the alternate avenue for buying balls. The best thing about the internet is that it’s so easy and convenient. A person can browse through several online stores without having to concern themselves with the time it’ll take to move from one store to another. This also means that people get to save up on gas since they don’t leave the house.

Another advantage of the internet is the sheer amount of deals or bargains to be had. E-commerce is a fierce business. Websites constantly try to outdo one another. One way they do that is by offering their products at a really cheap price.

Those interested in shopping for their balls on the internet can subscribe to the website’s newsletter. A newsletter is how websites reach out to their subscribers each time they have a promotion or hold a huge sale.

The downside to buying from the net is that people can’t see the product firsthand. Furthermore, buying golf balls from the internet means having to

How to Become a Motivational Speaker


A motivational speaker can be compared to self-help writers and gurus. They provide suggestions, real life experiences and insights on how to overcome problems. They inspire people and motivate them to do better, to follow their dreams and ignite the passion in their hearts.

Motivational speakerEveryone has something to share about their lives. Everyone has insights and experiences that can help motivate other people. These are important things that a motivational speaker should have. But, it is also important to have people skills and the ability to deliver speeches. It is very important that you also feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Here are some tips and suggestions how to become a motivational speaker.

Identify your audience. Learn about their backgrounds. Are they kids, teenagers or adults? This will help you prepare a speech that is appropriate for their age and come up with strategy that will help you connect with them. It is also important to consider their interests so you’ll be able to keep your speech interesting.

Choose a topic. When choosing a topic there are three important things to consider, purpose, relevance and expertise. The purpose of the speech will help you determine what topic to talk about. It is supposed to help them overcome academic problems? It is supposed to motivate them to follow their dreams? Ask yourself these types of questions until you’ve established the sole purpose of your speech.

Next, ask yourself if the topic is relevant to the audience. Will they be able to relate to it? Will it have a great impact on them and will it affect their mindset. A speech is more effective when it is relevant to the audience.

Lastly, consider your expertise on the topic. Do you have enough knowledge or experience on the topic? Will you be able to cite situations based on your life or of people you know? It is very important that you have a good grasp on the topic. This will help you come up with a good speech and at the same time be able to motivate the audience better.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, decide what will be the core message of the speech. From the core message, write supporting details and include supporting arguments, insights and experiences. Make an outline so that your speech is organized and fluid.

Prepare presentation materials like charts, images, videos or slide presentations. These materials will help interest your audience and at the same time provide visuals that will help them remember your speech. Use this to establish the message of your speech and support arguments and point out important details.

Practice the speech you prepared. Practice your speech in front of a mirror and observe your facial expressions, gestures and movements. Do you look comfortable delivering the speech? Do you look convincing? Try recording your speech and listen how your voice projects. If it’s possible, deliver your speech in front of a video cam and watch it afterwards. From the videos and recordings, critique yourself and point out areas of improvement. Then, try delivering the speech in front of a friend or relative. Ask them to give suggestions and point out what you should improve or shouldn’t do.

Lastly, start connecting with people and promote yourself. Advertise your speeches to help you gain an audience. You can do it by uploading a video on the internet or deliver speeches in your school or town. Try sending videos and offering your services at events like conventions, conferences and other occasions that will need a speaker.

These are just some of the steps to help you become a motivational speaker. Remember to practice and learn from other speakers and from experiences to become a better speaker.



In a way, badge lanyards are an expression of pride for those who’ve contributed product and service concepts to the world. Employers aim to make their employees proud to wear their identification cards. They know that apart from the basic purposes of identification and security in the workplace, these lanyards are essential morale boosters. They create an impression of dependability. Badge lanyards complement daily dress codes, and together with uniforms, create an impression of success. Moreover, with customized lanyards, business owners and office managers make their employees feel that they are part of the team.

Badge LanyardsThese accessories also make everyone familiar with each other. New employees feel more at home when they know who they are dealing with. It spares workers the inconvenience of recalling the name of co-workers. Visitors can approach whoever it is they’re looking for without bothering others for a bit of help. Displaying a person’s name and position conveniently at all times makes transactions more efficient. It also discourages employees from doing anything shameful or harmful. After all, their names can be easily recalled and they could be reported by irate customers.

Moving on, these lanyards last longer than other cords which are used to hang IDs or badges. The lanyard fabric is stronger and washable unlike metal cords. Skin irritation and clothing discoloration can be avoided when using badge lanyards.

These accessories can also be stored easily. You can hang them in your home for easy access when preparing for work. You can put them inside bags, pouches, drawers or cabinets. They can be stored anywhere without fear of losing the important IDs that are attached to them. Simply put, these cords save people from the hassles of ID replacement procedures and from the inconvenience of not being allowed to enter certain places within office premises.

Well, aside from being useful, lanyards (particularly the colorful ones) make wearing IDs fun and fashionable. The laces are comfortable to wear because of the light fabric materials used to make them. They can accommodate other attachments like corporate pins, ribbons, and other light ornaments.

They are also excellent items for fundraising campaigns. In fact, using badge lanyards to promote charity events is becoming a trend. They can accommodate the important details of the campaign such as the logo, address, contact numbers, and website URLs. Lanyards are also inexpensive unlike other promotional items in the market. Discounts are given by printing companies for bulk orders. They are also easier to sell because images can be posted on different social sites, creating awareness of the fundraiser’s purpose. Likewise, they can be effortlessly displayed in various stores on different locations.

Various events, competitions, fun runs, concerts, and shows use them to advertise the activities. They are used as part of the freebies upon registration. They serve as badges for entering event grounds as well as souvenirs for attending them. Many people collect lanyards for various reasons. Well, these accessories can also be attached to medals that are awarded to winners or champions. They make simple medals attractive and meaningful – as well as more valuable to hobbyists.

Many entrepreneurs use them as tokens to reward customer loyalty. They order customized lanyards for exclusive promos or anniversaries, giving them as part of their promo items. People love practical freebies like lanyards because they can be used to take important small gadgets anywhere.

They are great advertisement tools, especially for new business that need consistent exposure. They can be used as replacement for printed shirts or hats that people wear to create awareness. Lanyards with attractive, bold and vibrant designs can create instant attention. After all, people are easily attracted by colors and designs that are appealing to their eyes.

The Process of Making Custom Pins


People are very fond of using an object without even knowing how it was created. All around the world, custom pins are worn by people to show belongingness, achievement, or simply to support a cause or be part of a fashion statement. But do you really know how custom pins are made?

custompinsBefore you get to proudly wear your own custom pins—whether they were given by your company or an association you belong to—you should know that they started from scratch. Pins are first designed either by using pen and paper or using computers. All the elements or objects put into the design are carefully hand-picked based on the purpose of the pin. After finalizing the design, it is put into what they call a mechanical sheet with the specifics of the design, like the measurements, colors, and placement of elements. The mechanical sheet is what they use for the next step, which is molding. The metal is poured into the mold and left at a certain temperature to form and solidify.

After the pieces of the pin have molded into something that can be held, the next step is to cut the outline of each piece. Of course, not each piece will be molded perfectly. Some will have rough or extra edges. These unwanted edges have to be cut off or smoothened out for thoroughly made pins. Sometimes, smaller and more specific cutting molds are needed for holes or minute details.

The next step is to attach the individual pieces together using a soldering iron. Each part of a single pin must be carefully placed on where it should be because once you solder it, it would be hard to undo. When all the parts and pieces have been put together, the next thing to do is to plate it or cover it with bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and other colors for plating. The longer the pins are soaked in the plating, the thicker it will appear. Once the plating has dried, the pin is polished to remove the lumps caused by the plating. Polishing is also done to make the metal appear shinier and newer.

After the base of the pin has been finished, color is applied to it. Of course the colors are based on the design. Enamel is used for coloring so that it would appear more solid and shiny. Application of enamel has to be done carefully by hand because too much of it will cause the color to explode on the pin. One must be highly skilled in applying enamel color because exactly the right amount should be put on the right places. To finish up the coloring process, cleaning the unwanted marks on the pin is also necessary. The excess colors may be wiped out or smoothened for a better finish.

To make sure that the paint and the coating are really attached to the pin, it is also necessary to bake the pin. Baking it at around 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes is safe already. That would be enough to allow all the objects applied to settle. Finally, to finish up the pin, it is coated in clear epoxy to prevent the colors from fading out or to protect it from scratches. Coating, however, is optional based on the specifications of the customer.

That is the nine-step process of making a single pin. It is not anywhere near simple. The next time you wear custom pins, wear them not just for the cause you are fighting for, the award you received, or the company you are representing, but also for the hard work other people have put into making them.